Ligo Na U Lapit Na Me

Karl Vladimir Lennon J. Villalobos, aka Intoy, who is secretly in love with his friend Jenny, the most beautiful girl in the campus.

Jenny is rich and quirky; Intoy is street-smart and ordinary.

But this friendship is not simple, since Jenny has bestowed on Intoy some perks and privileges, including going to bed with her on the condition that they will not fall in love with each other.

Before graduation, Intoy feels that he has to shed his pretensions of being astig and finally profess his love for Jenny.
But he is devastated to learn that Jenny is pregnant.

Worse, Jenny tells him: “Don’t worry, this is not yours.”

Based on the bestselling novel of Eros S. Atalia, "Ligo na U, Lapit na Me" is an examination of postmodern love and relationship and the way this generation deals with their love and fear.

Directed by Erick C. Salud.

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Piolo Pascual - Angelica Panganiban Movie Poster

Star Cinema has finally released the official poster of the movie "Every Breath U Take" with Piolo Pascual and Angelica Panganiban in the lead role. It is a romantic-comedy movie that will surely hit the hearts of every Filipino.

The movie is going to be shown on May 16, 2012 with Mae Czarina Cruz as the director.

Diana Zubiri Bags Young Critics Circle Award

After taking a very long nap on the showbiz scene, sexy actress Diana Zubiri is making some comeback noise with her winning the recently concluded Young Critics Circle awards and won the Best Performer award. This is in reference to her work in "Bahay Bata".

In the movie, Diana Zubiri played the role of a nurse who is perennially harassed. “I didn’t think critics would notice me. I hope I’d finally get to watch it.”  said the sexy actress.

"Bahay Bata" is under the direction of Eduardo Roy, Jr. and official entry to the Cinemalaya film fest.

Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales Fan Video

Here is a video created by a fan of Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales posted in YouTube. The video is made with the song "Please be Careful with my Heart". This only proves the dedication of the Enchong-Erich fans for their idols.

For all of the fans of Enchong Dee and Erich Gonzales, this is for you.

Angel Locsin in 100 Days to Heaven

It has been confirmed that actress Angel Locsin is going to appear in the top rating primetime ofering of ABS-CBN "100 Days To Heaven". This was disclosed by the Kapamilya network and Angel is said to have finished doing some of the scenes of said show.

Angel Locsin is going to be a nurse in the episode designed for her and Angel said she is very excited for the new project. It can be remembered that Angel last appeared in the prime time fantasy series "Lobo" opposite hunk Piolo Pascual.

The fans of Angel Locsin are all looking forward for the showing of her episode in "100 Days to Heaven" which is going to be announced soon by ABS-CBN management.

Coco Martin vs Matteo Guidicelli

This is not a boxing or UFC match. But you read the title right. It's a match between actor Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli. It was a real fist fight and it happened during the Star Magic Ball sponsored by ABS-CBN.

The said incident happened when Coco Martin allegedly kissed Maja Salvador in the lips during the ball and this irked Matteo. He then confronted Coco Martin and this resulted to the scuffle. Maja admitted in The Buzz with Boy Abunda that she was the reason on the fight between Coco and Matteo.

Both Pinoy hunks were sorry of what happened and they apologized to the public.

Andrea del Rosario Online

I can remember when Andrea del Rosario was still active in doing bold movies. You can see lines of moviegoers, particularly male audiences, in theaters where her movies were shown. Andrea was a phenomenon when it comes to bold movies.

The reason I think why many people wanted to see her movies was due to the fact that she was introduced to the showbiz world as a teenage girl in a teenage oriented show in national TV. Andrea del Rosario was given the role of a sweet teenager and she was known for that role.

Then the sweet teenager suddenly showed some skin and many people were intrigued. They all wanted to have a piece of the teen Andrea del Rosario showing her beauty in the big screen. Andrea indeed is one of the greatest bold stars in Philippine movies.

Kim Chiu Gets a New House

It has been reported that actress Kim Chiu is having a new house that is worth by the millions of pesos. This has been revealed by the actress herself in a recent interview. The house is her dream house and she said she is very happy that at last her dream is now a reality.

It is a product of hard work, according to Kim Chiu. This has been her plan since winning the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition early in her career. Coupled with hard work plus multiple movie projects and other commitments in showbiz, Kim has finally materialized her dream house.

The new house of Kim Chiu will be featured in Star Studio magazine this coming July so watch for it.

Adrianne Palicki Replaces Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter became a household name worldwide with her role as the Wonder Woman. As a child during those days, we were glued to out black and white TV sets watching Wonder Woman fighting bad guys and we were very excited about it.

Now, there is a new Wonder Woman in the person of Adrianne Palicki, another hot and beautiful actress from Hollywood. Will she ever duplicate the fate of Lynda Carter? We will just wait and see when Adrianne Palicki will finally wear the hot and super sexy suit of Wonder Woman.

Pantasya with Joyce Jimenez

There is a new term that is making waves in the Filipino movies industry today. It is "pantasya". This might not ring the bell for some, but this is the buzz that is currently making wave in the internet today. This term is usually used by searchers who are looking for the Filipino sex stories in the web.

Pantasya is fantasy in English and it is one of the most searched term in the Philippines. It generates more or less 50 thousand searches per month in Google. This can be a great way to generate traffic for the blogs and make money with it. There are already some bloggers and website webmasters who are already optimizing their websites for this keyword. Some are already making money with it, those who have discovered it earlier.

The actress which was associated with this monicker was Joyce Jimenez when she was named the "Pantasya Ng Bayan".

Francine Prieto

I just want to post here the fan site a friend created for Francine Prieto. It is just launched yesterday and I am going to do my share in promoting it especially to the fans of Francine. This is one way of creating the presence of beautiful Francine to the internet.

The Francine Prieto Fan Site aims to promote the actress to her loyal fans where they could visit everytime they want to have a glimpse of their idol. The site contains Francine's photos, biography, latest news, movies, TV shows and other fas related stuffs.

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WWE Melina Perez is a Hottie

One of the hottest WWE divas is no other than WWE Melina Perez. Melina is my favorite among them all that is why I am featuring here today. Melina Perez is so hot that made her to be in my number one pick among the hottest WWE divas in the professional wrestling today.

WWE Melina once held the WWE Women's Championship belt and she defended that belt a couple of times. This proves that Melina is not all beauty but she also have the skill to bang bodies against the best in World Wrestling Entertainment. With this, WWE Melina Perez is a real hottie.

Angel Locsin Hits the Ratings Chart Again!

Angel Locsin is hitting the ratings chart again. This is due to her very successful fantasy series in ABS-CBN "Imortal" opposite John Lloyd Cruz. The said fantasy series is topping the ratings not only in the national level but also the Mega-Manila as well.

It can be noted that the Mega-Manila area is dominated by rival stations GMA-7 and newcomer TV5 that is why Angel Locsin's fate in those areas are noticeable. This fate puts Angel again to the pedestal where she is recognized as the queen of prime time shows.

Shalani Soledad: It's Her Time

Shalani Soledad has surprised the Filipino nation when she was seen hosting in Willing Willie in TV5. There are a lot of fans who cannot believe that Willie Revillame, the show's main host, has convinced Shalani to be his co host in the game/variety show.

Shalani Soledad has been known for her demure image to the public a very far cry from being a host in a game show. But Shalani did the unthinkable and she is now having a good time as partner of Willie in the show. Although she still needs a lot to improve, many are impressed in Shalani's improvement in her hosting.

Her wardrobe, which was criticized before, is constantly improving day after day. Shalani Soledad is also starting to catch-up with Willie especially with his jokes that pleases the majority of the audience not only in the studio but also those who are watching in their televisions.

Filipino Recipes

I just want to post here about the delicious Filipino recipes. I stumbled upon this website or blog that contains a lot of Filipino recipes and they are very easy to cook yet very delicious and nutritious. The said blog is at

The said blog is owned by a Filipino who also loves to cook. What I love most in the blog are the native delicacies that are rarely made today even by the old folks. It's refreshing to note that these Filipino recipes will not die along with the old ones since they are now stored in the net for good.

The blog is updated monthly by the owner and not only Filipino recipes are added now but also other recipes that are deemed delicious and nutritious by the owner.