You Changed My Life

"You Changed My Life" is the sequel to Sarah Geronimo and John Lloyd Cruz' initial team-up titled "A Very Special Love" in 2008. The sequel is produced by Star Cinema and Viva Films which is going to hit hte big screen on February 25, 2009.

Movie Trailer:

Below is the movie's official music video which stars Sarah and John Lloyd:

When I Met You

KC Concepcion & Richard Gutierrez in When I Met You
Jenny (KC Concepcion) is a mall promo/dizer yearning for a true love. Benjie (Richard Gutierrez) is a cargo pilot and offers Jenny the 'true love' she has been searching.

Their romance began when Jenny hitched a ride with Benjie to attend a wedding somewhere in Palawan. In the plane, they had a lot of chat and they openly show their dislike for each other.

Then, the accident. Their plane crashed in an unknown island and they have nothing to turn to but themselves. The couple turn to each other for comfort and eventually resolve their differences.

Will their relationship last? Will they survive the odds?

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