Adrianne Palicki Replaces Lynda Carter

Lynda Carter became a household name worldwide with her role as the Wonder Woman. As a child during those days, we were glued to out black and white TV sets watching Wonder Woman fighting bad guys and we were very excited about it.

Now, there is a new Wonder Woman in the person of Adrianne Palicki, another hot and beautiful actress from Hollywood. Will she ever duplicate the fate of Lynda Carter? We will just wait and see when Adrianne Palicki will finally wear the hot and super sexy suit of Wonder Woman.

Pantasya with Joyce Jimenez

There is a new term that is making waves in the Filipino movies industry today. It is "pantasya". This might not ring the bell for some, but this is the buzz that is currently making wave in the internet today. This term is usually used by searchers who are looking for the Filipino sex stories in the web.

Pantasya is fantasy in English and it is one of the most searched term in the Philippines. It generates more or less 50 thousand searches per month in Google. This can be a great way to generate traffic for the blogs and make money with it. There are already some bloggers and website webmasters who are already optimizing their websites for this keyword. Some are already making money with it, those who have discovered it earlier.

The actress which was associated with this monicker was Joyce Jimenez when she was named the "Pantasya Ng Bayan".