The Philippine Idiot

This is not a movie or whatsoever. This is just to announce that my friend has started a blog centered for the Filipino beginner in the online marketing niche. He titled his blog Philippine Idiot, I just don't know why.

His blog features money making articles, SEO tips and tricks, blogging secrets and many others. You can visit his blog at

MMA Pound For Pound Case No.2

Note: This has nothing to do with movies: only nonsense :)

Dear mma pound for pound:

I am a mother with five children whose ages are 19, 18, 16,15 and 13. We used to be a happy and contented family until prices of commodities increased rapidly that our family income can no longer cope. My husband is an  employee in a private company while I am a school teacher.

Indeed, I am finding it very difficult to make both ends meet, for almost always, our expenses exceed our income and so we are in a perpetual state of deficit.

That's enough for this, I hope Google will crawl this soon.