Francine Prieto

I just want to post here the fan site a friend created for Francine Prieto. It is just launched yesterday and I am going to do my share in promoting it especially to the fans of Francine. This is one way of creating the presence of beautiful Francine to the internet.

The Francine Prieto Fan Site aims to promote the actress to her loyal fans where they could visit everytime they want to have a glimpse of their idol. The site contains Francine's photos, biography, latest news, movies, TV shows and other fas related stuffs.

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WWE Melina Perez is a Hottie

One of the hottest WWE divas is no other than WWE Melina Perez. Melina is my favorite among them all that is why I am featuring here today. Melina Perez is so hot that made her to be in my number one pick among the hottest WWE divas in the professional wrestling today.

WWE Melina once held the WWE Women's Championship belt and she defended that belt a couple of times. This proves that Melina is not all beauty but she also have the skill to bang bodies against the best in World Wrestling Entertainment. With this, WWE Melina Perez is a real hottie.