Shalani Soledad: It's Her Time

Shalani Soledad has surprised the Filipino nation when she was seen hosting in Willing Willie in TV5. There are a lot of fans who cannot believe that Willie Revillame, the show's main host, has convinced Shalani to be his co host in the game/variety show.

Shalani Soledad has been known for her demure image to the public a very far cry from being a host in a game show. But Shalani did the unthinkable and she is now having a good time as partner of Willie in the show. Although she still needs a lot to improve, many are impressed in Shalani's improvement in her hosting.

Her wardrobe, which was criticized before, is constantly improving day after day. Shalani Soledad is also starting to catch-up with Willie especially with his jokes that pleases the majority of the audience not only in the studio but also those who are watching in their televisions.

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