Angel Locsin Hits the Ratings Chart Again!

Angel Locsin is hitting the ratings chart again. This is due to her very successful fantasy series in ABS-CBN "Imortal" opposite John Lloyd Cruz. The said fantasy series is topping the ratings not only in the national level but also the Mega-Manila as well.

It can be noted that the Mega-Manila area is dominated by rival stations GMA-7 and newcomer TV5 that is why Angel Locsin's fate in those areas are noticeable. This fate puts Angel again to the pedestal where she is recognized as the queen of prime time shows.

Shalani Soledad: It's Her Time

Shalani Soledad has surprised the Filipino nation when she was seen hosting in Willing Willie in TV5. There are a lot of fans who cannot believe that Willie Revillame, the show's main host, has convinced Shalani to be his co host in the game/variety show.

Shalani Soledad has been known for her demure image to the public a very far cry from being a host in a game show. But Shalani did the unthinkable and she is now having a good time as partner of Willie in the show. Although she still needs a lot to improve, many are impressed in Shalani's improvement in her hosting.

Her wardrobe, which was criticized before, is constantly improving day after day. Shalani Soledad is also starting to catch-up with Willie especially with his jokes that pleases the majority of the audience not only in the studio but also those who are watching in their televisions.

Filipino Recipes

I just want to post here about the delicious Filipino recipes. I stumbled upon this website or blog that contains a lot of Filipino recipes and they are very easy to cook yet very delicious and nutritious. The said blog is at

The said blog is owned by a Filipino who also loves to cook. What I love most in the blog are the native delicacies that are rarely made today even by the old folks. It's refreshing to note that these Filipino recipes will not die along with the old ones since they are now stored in the net for good.

The blog is updated monthly by the owner and not only Filipino recipes are added now but also other recipes that are deemed delicious and nutritious by the owner.

Data Entry Jobs For You

Data entry jobs. I know that everybody are looking for an extra money no matter where it may from as long as it is legal. But it is a fact that the jobs market is already saturated by job seekers and it is very difficult to land for a job. So why not shift your focus to online jobs instead?

I can recommend therefore the data entry jobs that is becoming the trend nowadays. There are many online marketers or others call them online junkies who are now benefited with such kind of work. They are making decent income and even bigger compared to those who are working the traditional 9 to 5 office work.

So why not visit this site that is going to give you guide for data entry jobs. You will be given tips on how are you going to find legitimate data entry work.

Aubrey Miles Fan Site

I want to feature today the fan site for Aubrey Miles. It is now live and there are a lot of very hot pictures of the lovely Aubrey Miles there. Maybe you can take a peep in those pictures for FREE folks!

I just love that red bikini of Aubrey Miles...

Anne Curtis Hot Picture

I stumbled upon a picture of Anne Curtis in the web. Anne is so hot in this picture. I think this is the hottest picture of Anne in the web.

Anne Curtis is one of the hottest and most beautiful Pinay celebrities of today. This picture is a living proof...

Myles Hernandez Hot Picture

I just want to feature here another Viva Hot Babe Myles Hernandez. She is one of the most daring member of the group and also one of the most searched bold star in the internet. You can visit her fan site at

Can you resist Myles Hernandez? I bet not...

It's Gwen Garci!

I was simply surfing the net when I came across this website about pinay celebrities. Then I visited a link that led me to my favorite bold star Gwen Garci. She is featured in that website and Gwen now has her own fan site. You can visit her fan site here.


Gwen Garci is just so hot...

Portfolio Management

Aside from movies, there are also things that I am going to post in this blog that are important to me. This blog has been dormant for a long time due to a lot of works to be done. And since this blog already contains a lot of article, I might as well use this to post some of my interests.

One is about portfolio management. I am going to talk about this since there are some who are not fully aware about this. Portfolio management is one of the tasks you are going to do when you are going to venture into investment, particularly in the stock market. This can make or break your investment so choosing the right portfolio management is one of the risky decisions that you are going to make.

There are those who just hire a portfolio manager or just use a portfolio management software but there are those who really want to do the task by themselves. If you are one of the last then why don't you get your training first before you are going to test the waters in the stock market? If you are not familiar about portfolio management, then take Morningstar Investor Training for start.

Residual Income Opportunities

First we are going to define residual income. Others call it as passive income so we can expound our definition further. Residual comes from the root word of "residue" meaning left-over. With that definition, so we could say that residual income is a left-over income. 

Technically, residual income is the left-over of the income after payments were made to expenses and debts. It is very clear with that definition that what determines the liquidity of one's financial status is his residual income. There are those who are having negative residual income which simply means that their expenses are greater than the amount they are earning.

When it comes to passive income, it means that it is an income one has to receive to any activity that he is not directly involved with. A good example is when you receive payment for the rent of a space in your house that you lent to somebody. You are not working for that income since the income is derived from the rental for your house.

And this passive income is the sweetest of all types of income. It is so sweet to think that you are receiving money even if you are just sleeping or having a vacation. In this blog, we will be discussing different methods on how to take advantage of the internet so that we can earn our passive or residual income. So watch out for this blog to unfold and we will make money together with the residual income opportunities that are to be featured here.

My Blogpost Movie

This is not actually a movie but a "my blogpost" article in support to a friend's entry in the SEO contest there at This contest is open to all evoire members and those who are not members yet can also join if they are going to register at

My Blogpost is the keyword to compete with and there are already a lot of entries for this contest. Mostly are Asian since the contest is sponsored by a company based in Singapore. The server is also in Singapore so it is really fun to have this contest.

ITCSales Online Store

ITCSales is the largest Dell computers and laptop dealer in the United Kingdom. They are a premiere partner of Dell which makes them the most realiable Dell dealer in the country. They have been in the business for years and this is just a proof of their efficient service and products.

To further reach more customers, they have launched their online store. This proved to be a good business decision since their sales sky rocketed and most of these are coming from their online sales. ITCSales online services is one of a kind since they don't only sell computers online but they also offer technical support and answers queries from customers from all over the UK.

Congratulations ITCSales!

Filipina Actresses Website

I was looking for Filipina actresses websites since I want to see pictures of the hottest actresses in the Philippines. There are a lot of websites I visited but one website stands out.

This Filipina actresses website features the latest about these Pinay celebrities. It contains news, movie updates, TV shows and most of all the hottest photo galleries of the hottest celebrities. These pictures are not considered as porn but it can really make your day hot.

Further, the news are coming from the RSS feed of different websites so therefore you are guaranteed of the latest news about your favorite celebrities.

The Philippine Idiot

This is not a movie or whatsoever. This is just to announce that my friend has started a blog centered for the Filipino beginner in the online marketing niche. He titled his blog Philippine Idiot, I just don't know why.

His blog features money making articles, SEO tips and tricks, blogging secrets and many others. You can visit his blog at

MMA Pound For Pound Case No.2

Note: This has nothing to do with movies: only nonsense :)

Dear mma pound for pound:

I am a mother with five children whose ages are 19, 18, 16,15 and 13. We used to be a happy and contented family until prices of commodities increased rapidly that our family income can no longer cope. My husband is an  employee in a private company while I am a school teacher.

Indeed, I am finding it very difficult to make both ends meet, for almost always, our expenses exceed our income and so we are in a perpetual state of deficit.

That's enough for this, I hope Google will crawl this soon.